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Who We Are

Sunsoft an organization specialized in the field of Information Management using state-of-the-art technology providing our customers with network infrastructure basics e.g. Cabling, Wireless Solutions, Ethernet Routing Switches …etc.; in addition to network added values such as voice solution, voice application, VOIP, implementing Call Center, data storage, Firewall security, Antivirus solutions, PCs, notebooks, Servers, all types of inks and toners, finishing devices, CCTV solutions…etc. Furthermore, we provide the service of networking project management starting from design to execution, and providing consultation and SSLA (Support and Service Level agreement).

Company Vision

To be a professional business unit in the Egyptian market providing Smart Integrated Network Solutions and Superior Services with its management control

Mission Statement

Leverage Customers workforce productivity via increasing their efficiency and accuracy to optimum as well utilizing the IT infrastructure investment and enhancing the working environment and communication. We commit ourselves to credibility, perfection and the continued development of our organization. The continuous development of products and services is always in the front of the eye; to be the best choice of our value clients

Technical Solutions

IT Technical Solutions ‘humanise technology’ by listening, explaining, giving advice and supporting your needs throughout the lifecycle of your data and telephony relationship with us. We are energetic and enthusiastic about our business, technology and customers. This means we can respond to customer requirements with agility and flexibility both in our solutions and through our ongoing support.

Infrastructure Passive Components

• Design, implement and test Copper Solution (UTP, STP, FTP)
• Design, implement and testing Fiber-optic cables (S.M., M.M, OM3.)
• Design and implement racks, patch panels, patch cords, face plats and Flore box.

Infrastructure Active Components

Design, select, and implement Switches, Routers and all other active components to complete the Infrastructure Solution

Add Value Voice Network Services

VOIP Solutions (Voice System, Voice Application)

CCTV Solutions

Now, with an increased need for greater security, CCTV is the ultimate answer. Modern IP-based CCTV systems can be linked to anywhere delivering clear, live images reliably and quickly to help
prevent crime. We can provide CCTV solutions which can be used anywhere: in banks, airports, train stations, and bus terminals. Another commonly overlooking advantage of a CCTV system is its ability to stop crime before it’s committed: the potential criminal can never be sure if someone is watching. And stopping crime is always a good thing.

Access control system

Access control is a system which enables an authority to control access to areas and resources in a given physical facility or computer-based information system. An access control system, within the field of physical security, is generally seen as the second layer in the security of a physical structure

Maintenance Service

Your computers and network are a collection of complex machines and software, communicating simultaneously, performing trillions of calculations, using hundreds of parts and wires, and under constant assault by viruses and spyware and their own users. Because of these and other factors (mostly human), your computers require regular computer service maintenance to keep the big problems away and maintain optimal performance. This program is often referred to as a computer maintenance contract, service level agreement, or computer network maintenance plan

Hardware Supplier

Sunsoft offers best hardware solution for your environment. We provide product solutions to suit all types of requirements. We believe in delivering future technologies today, which are cost-effective and carry an excellent support tag with it. We have the necessary expertise to offer clients a customized, single-source solution for all their technological requirements.

SUNSOFT Reference List

El Araby Group


Unionaire Group

Universal Group


QNB Bank




Talaat Moustafa Group

The French University of Egypt (UFE)

CBC Egypt

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